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New Mom Support & Guidance

Being a new mom can be an exciting yet overwhelming time.

MB&B offers services to support you after birth including postpartum healthcare and assessments, breastfeeding guidance, and emotional support for mom

Infant and Early Child Healthcare

Babies and young children are lovable yet a little terrifying! There can be a LOT to worry about.


MB&B supports you by providing early parenting and developmental guidance as well as infant and early pediatric health care

Weight Loss After Birth

These days it can be harder than ever to lose weight, especially after having a baby.


MB&B helps by offering weight loss, fitness and nutrition plans customized to help you lose weight after giving birth whether you are breastfeeding or not

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Healthy Mommas, Healthy Babies, Healthy Children


Our Premise: Healthy Mothers have Healthy Babies that become Healthy Children


High-Quality, Compassionate and Personalized Health Care

for Children & Mothers of Color


Over 14 Years of Experience Caring for Children and Families

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