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About Us

About Mother, Baby, & Beyond

At Mother, Baby, and Beyond we understand the importance of a healthy mother for the healthy development of her child(ren).

In support of this aim, we provide Mother/Baby tandem care, early parenting support, and children's wellness services to expectant and new mothers of children from birth to age 5.

We also provide ongoing pediatric well care, and developmental/behavioral health guidance from Birth to age 5

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About your Practitioner

LaToya Brathwaite is a Family Nurse Practitioner with over 14 years of nursing experience. She specializes in caring for children and their families, with a special interest in women’s health.

LaToya has a unique understanding and compassion for mothers and children and it is the mission of Mother, Baby, and Beyond to support mothers and children in early childhood so that every child has the opportunity to thrive and help new moms feel empowered 

About Direct Primary Care

Mother, Baby and Beyond is a mobile house call practice utilizing the Direct Primary Care model which is a membership-based approach to healthcare, which excludes insurance. This no-nonsense approach cuts out “red tape” and third-party involvement in patients’ and providers’ healthcare decisions.

Healthcare should be affordable and accessible. Our innovative healthcare service is relationship-based and family-centered pediatric wellness care with a concierge care approach. 

Direct Primary Care is not health insurance! It is an innovative way to get excellent health care on your terms, without the worry of co-pays, meeting deductibles, or breaking the bank!

*Please contact us to hear our affordable pricing options*


Offering video/telephonic support and in person house calls for families located in New Castle County, DE 


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