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Maternal Mortality is Real. Why you should care about moms dying and my personal experience

My Personal Journey, Alarming Statistics, and a Call to Action

Hi friend,

You may have noticed that recently I've been promoting the Maternal Mortality Awareness 5K, hosted by my organization, Mother Baby & Beyond LLC. Today, I want to take a moment to share with you why I'm hosting this event and the reason why raising awareness about maternal mortality is absolutely crucial.

If you've been following me for a little while you may know that I have two daughters that are my pride and joy. What you may not know is that both of my daughters were born extremely premature. This was because I was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia with HELLP syndrome during my pregnancies. This means my blood pressure was dangerously high, and I experienced bleeding and liver complications.

I myself could have been a maternal mortality statistic.

Needless to say, I was very sick and as a result, my daughter was born at just 28 weeks, weighing a mere 1 lb. 13 oz. She was hospitalized in the NICU for two long months. In fact, the day of the 5K marks a significant milestone. It will be 15 years to the day that I myself could have been a maternal mortality statistic.

At the time, I blamed myself. I thought that I had done something wrong. That if I just took better care of myself or was more of a 'woman', I would have had a better pregnancy outcome. The truth is, I was part of a growing issue that's been happening in the United States.

The maternal death rate increased by nearly 38% in 2021 alone

The maternal mortality issue is worsening every year. In fact, the maternal death rate increased by nearly 38% in 2021 alone. More women are dying, and it's disproportionately affecting women of color.

Black women are at a three times higher risk of death compared to their white counterparts, and other minority groups also experience disproportionately higher risks. It's a stark reality that giving birth has become more dangerous today, especially for black women.

I feel a moral imperative and responsibility to take action. To advocate for a better future for my daughters and for all the future mothers out there. We must stand together and remember the names of mothers like Tori Bowie, the Olympian who recently lost her life in her attempt to give life.

Giving birth has become more dangerous today, especially for black women.

Enough is enough. We cannot remain silent about this issue any longer. Racism alone isn't killing mothers. Inaction is. Register today for our first "Say Her Name." Maternal Mortality Awareness 5K, Walk/Run. The event will take place on October 29th at Glasgow Regional Park in Glasgow, Delaware.

Join us and be part of a movement that seeks to bring awareness to this urgent issue. Register to walk or run today, gather your friends and family, and create a team. This event is family-friendly and promises a great day filled with music, community vendors, food, bouncy houses, and treat bags for the kids for a fun fall weekend event for the entire family.

If you're unable to participate in person, we still need your support. Consider making a donation to this cause, as every penny will go towards critical maternal healthcare programs, advocacy efforts, and raising awareness.

Every mother deserves to survive and thrive

To register, simply click the button below. If you register today and use the code "WALK4MOMS" during registration, you'll receive a 15% discount for a limited time.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your support and for joining us in this mission to save the lives of mothers and babies. Together, let's create a world where no mother has to suffer, and every birth is a safe and joyous experience. Because every mother deserves to survive and thrive.

Be Blessed,



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